Albany Newspaper Yawns at Heroin Dealing Illegal Immigrant

Like any respected newspaper, the Albany Times Union wants to bring information regarding regional drug arrests to its readers.  So it's no surprise that they would cover a recent drug arrest stemming from a routine traffic stop.  And being on top of their game, the Times Union presented this news as a breaking story.

What is surprising, however, is that the Albany newspaper has opted not to call attention to another, more shocking drug arrest in the state's capital.

Perhaps the subject was a bit sensitive, as the arrest involved a 53 year old illegal immigrant from Cuba.  Just a few days prior to the aforementioned story, a man was arrested in Albany after investigators found almost 200 bags of heroin in his home. 

A heroin dealing illegal immigrant would seem newsworthy enough.  But wait, there's more...

Apparently Casanova was running his heroin business in the presence of a one-week old child.  Not exactly what one would call a positive contribution to our society.  But hey, if you're willing to break the law by living in this country illegally, is it really a huge leap to other criminal tendencies?

The story was certainly of journalistic, if not societal interest.  In fact, most of the other major news entities in the Albany area reported the arrest as they should have; including the Schenectady Daily Gazette, WNYT Albany, and Capital News 9