Where Have We Heard This Before?

Gotta love the mantra of the activist old media leading up to the State of the Union address. Two very predictable and horribly flawed themes are being pushed as we speak.

1) Obama will announce a laser-like focus on jobs.
2) Unity - America wants unity and Obama will work to unify.

Let’s take that laser like focus on jobs first. The media is acting like this is the first time they’re going to hear this speech. Listen to them in virtually every discussion on the speech and they talk about Dear Leader like this is the first time he’s mentioned this jobs thing. If my memory serves me well, this will be his third State of the Union and this will be the third time he’s promised to focus on jobs. Still, unemployment remains near double digits.

Dan Harris and David Kerley on Good Morning America acted like they had breaking news when they announced that the bulk of the President’s speech will be on…..on….on….you guessed it! Jobs! Obama calls it his “number one focus.”

“And when he’s not talking about jobs Tuesday night the subject will be civility,” said Kerley. Breaking news there once again. Wow, you mean the same President who said he would bring a “knife to a gun fight” and urged his supporters to “punch back twice as hard,” is now going to preach to us about civility?

When Harris asked Christine Amanpour the “civility” question, she answered predictably, “People are talking about the need for more….for more…civility, for more ability to work together.” Actually, polls indicate that Americans want ObamaCare repealed and the federal government to stop spending us into oblivion. That the overwhelming majority of “incivility” the news networks have noted appear on the right speaks to their priorities.  

But alas, Amanpour went on to say that the “American people, Democrats and Republicans are demanding that the White House and Congress work together on the big issues and I think that is what on everybody’s mind at the moment.” Absolutely delusionary, you have proven you have no idea what is on Americans minds and if you knew the truth, you would be the last to let us know.  

The media is working overtime to totally ignore this past election and the message of the tea party movement. Clearly they are doing it because they do not like it. But of course that’s about as newsy as Obama’s harping on “jobs, jobs, jobs”  - which is to say, it keeps happening, and the media keep acting surprised.

State of the Union