Iraqis Reach Accomodation - US Press Misses Story

Has the US media turned a completely deaf ear to actual events in favor of a warped view on what they wish to occur in Iraq? It would seem so. Ever since it became apparent that the miltiary 'surge' strategy was succeeding in Iraq, both the media and the Democratic Party have been complaining that the poltiical benchmarks in Iraq were not being met. in particular, they castigated the Iraq civilian leadership for failing to make strides in rteaching out to the minority Sunnis and releasing political prisoners.

However, it was announced over the weekend that Iraqi leaders had reached agreement on releasing thousands of political prisoners. They also agreed to reform the law keeping many ex-Baathists out of government jobs. Since this agreement was one of the main points that the media and the Democrats in Congress have been complaining about, one would think that this news justified inclusion on the front page of American news outlets, wouldn't one? And one would be wrong.

The Washington Post chose to put the news on Page A9. However, they did better than the New York Times, which as of this morning had no mention of the event at all. As reported by Captain Ed Morrissey over at Captain's Quarters, even the United Kingdom's BBC and the Guardian managed to report the event, and neither of these media outlets is any friend either to the United States nor to the campaign in Iraq.

The United States media should be ashamed of themselves, both for failing to report on (or trying to bury) an event that they have long been calling for and for their stubborn refusal to report anything that might make the Democrats' desire to drag the United States to defeat in the war against Islamic terror more difficult. that the anti-war, anti-American BBC and Guardian managed to report on it should make the American media even more embarrassed. This raises the question- does the US media care more for helping the United States win in Iraq, no matter who is President, or are they more interested in a Democratic victory in November 2008? based on thier performance so far, one would be justified in suspecting the latter.

Hat tip to Captain's Quarters.