King of Fools --The Easily Led Should Never Lead

We have a contingency of liberal hold outs who believe that surrender and the subsequent slavery to totalitarians is preferable to fighting for freedom.  I wouldn't worry, except that in this case, they are in positions of power called Congress, and backed by another position of power called Main Stream Media.

It is very hard to overcome these groups when you have no power other than logic, reason, and truth. After all, they can’t be expected to waste their time with such nonsense.

We have Bill Clinton who has stated that "the war was the right thing to do" but also claims it "was a mistake." To those of us who think first and feel second, this makes no sense. How can something be right and a mistake? And why the 180 degree change in direction?

Oh wait…it’s Bill Clinton.

It would appear from history that such is the liberal rationale. Like the spoiled little children they are, their cries can be heard across the world: "It’s haaaaaard…I don’t wanna!" If we left everything to them, we’d be knee deep in hairy legs and communism, kumbyah and bongs, dirty hair and oral sex.

Hmmm…another explanation as to why Bill Clinton so epitomizes this group.

Here we have Congressmen who supported the war when it benefited them to do so after an outraged America demanded "something be done," but then read a few MSM manufactured polls and reacted with a twist that would make Chubby Checker jealous.

They are a monument to the easily led fools that pack history.

Being a leader is tough work. You have to make decisions, take the helm, and direct your ship amid the many voices telling you to "Lo here" and "Lo there." You must study and make hard choices. These need to be based upon your beliefs and priorities. We as Americans believe that freedom is paramount, which makes it our top priority. Ask any of the nations we have helped to free—except France, who is as whiny and childish as liberals—and they will tell you that freedom is worth the fighting and dying.

The only ones who don’t get it are those easily led types who are trying to lead us. They’re even too stupid—or too cunning, depending on whether or not you believe them to be idiotic stooges or fiendish manipulators—to grasp the fact that never ever in history has an evil regime stopped its behavior of its own accord. Not once, not ever. It has taken men of conviction and purpose to stop those who would steal our freedoms, our beliefs, and our lives.

These are the men who should be leading us…not the current collection of con-men, the same ones who actually believe that writing a few angry letters, sanctioning, and shaking our fingers at foul leaders will cause them to say, "Hmmm…I need to stop my evil ways and work for the betterment of mankind."

Since those who defend matter most in making decisions regarding it, here is what my friend "R", who served two tours in Iraq, has to say: If we withdraw now, we and Iraq lose…We need to take an aggressive posture. We need to double or triple the troop strength, secure the borders as much as possible, and then train an Iraqi Army. This last step is long overdue, and may be too late… Our only path to victory is a strong Iraqi Army.

This hardly sounds like the outlandish Congressional and media logic of handing the keys over to them and leaving the candy store.

Sanctions never work; they only hurt the innocents of the nation. Males such as Saddam or Kim Jong Il do not suffer from sanctions…there is ALWAYS money out there if you threaten and blackmail enough, and the liberals have proven over and over again that blackmail works if the evil leaders hold out long enough. They seem to truly believe that you can buy the right thing from men who have no intention of ever doing the right thing, and who have made it undeniably clear that the only thing on their minds is the wrong thing.

The fact is, freedom requires vigilance to keep it. That vigilance requires warriors to be its defender. And those defenders require countrymen who stand with them to create a united front that will not be spinelessly led to defeat.

What we have now is a Congress and a media who appear to have not known that war is hard work, and that good young men die doing that hard work. This is absolutely unacceptable in a leadership, and they should all be fired and even brought to trial. You do not tell the enemy where you plan to bomb, what your plans are for a battle, and when you will be leaving! You kill and destroy them until they submit—and I mean total submission—and then rebuild among the good people of the nation who understand what has been paid for them. And you never, ever, EVER leave before the job is done, and done right!

One of the things that we as Americans believe is that freedom is worth any cost; not just American freedom, but the freedom of brothers everywhere. Apparently Congress has decided that some people are worth freeing while others are not.

We either believe in freedom or we don’t. That belief is not conditional, it is universal and total. The hard reality is that the desire of wicked men to take away your freedom always begins with them taking away someone else’s freedom first.

In 1981, Israel was the only nation on earth with the balls to "put up or shut up." Saddam was just finishing up a facility that would produce nuclear weapons for him to use at his all-too-evil discretion. Israel bombed it into oblivion, and Iraq never recovered enough to rebuild what was lost. No one on earth with an IQ higher than their shoe size could believe that his first target wouldn’t be Jerusalem. But for Israel, Saddam, who fancies himself the third Nebucannezer, would have gone down in Islam’s already wretched history as the one who extinguished the Jews.

There is also no doubt that America would have been next. But for Israel’s chutzpah, there would be no "exit strategy" to discuss…we’d all be an ashen memory, and the world would be in the clutches of Islammunism—the combination of the two greatest evils on earth. The USSR would never have fallen—which it has done in name only; communism is alive and well, mostly thanks to the communist party here in America—and all that would have resulted from our policy of capitulation and nasty UN letters would have been more nukes, more wild regimes, and less freedom.

Had Israel wasted time talking as the UN and present-day America tends to do, we would be speaking of them in past tense. No one knows more of the dangers of looking the other way while wickedness takes over the leaders of a nation than does Israel. They learned that lesson the hard way 70 years ago, when they chose to ignore the ominous rumblings from both the Nazis and the communists. They weren’t the only ones who paid dearly for that choice. They weren’t the only ones who swore "Never again." They appear to be the only ones, however, who will actually do anything about it.

What would Israel do? Don’t ask Congress; they are far too easily led to believe in.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.