'How Can We Cover for Obama Today?' Nets Ask Themselves on ObamaCare, Benghazi

Typical media bias continued Friday on two fronts, on two networks, both doing backflips away from real news in order to portray things in the best possible light for Barack Obama.

First came CBS This Morning, which sometimes plays news a bit straighter than other morning shows and than its evening news broadcast. Not this morning.

Probably the biggest piece of news on the ObamaCare front in the past two days was the report that at least 33 percent of the claimed 8 million enrollees in ObamaCare haven't actually paid a single premium. For CBS, that important nugget of information just doesn't exist. In a brief rundown of key headlines of the day, the newscast touted the 8 million without a single mention of the 2 million-plus within that number who, having not paid a cent, can't rightly be said to be in the program.

Then came CNN, shortly after noon. With its own star reporter, Jake Tapper, having said on Hugh Hewitt's radio show that White House press secretary Jay Carney's recent performance relating to the Benghazi cover-up was "dissembling, obfuscating and often insulting," one would think the network would finally start covering the scandal as a subject of legitimate, serious inquiry. One would think wrong.

Upon news that the House would finally form a special "select committee" on Benghazi, Wolf Blitzer asked Gloria Borger to explain the importance of the development.

"Election season," Borger offered. She then went on to say (this is a paraphrase) that the committee would give Republicans a chance to highlight their contention that Obama's foreign policy was weak, as part of their aggressive strategy to win this fall's mid-term balloting.

Nothing to see here; it's all politics. Move right along.

Talk about "dissembling, obfuscating and often insulting."

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