Mediaite Agrees With Rush; Bernie Sob Sister Sounds Fake

If your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye
It's no secret you'll feel better if you cry...

It's rare to see Mediaite and Rush Limbaugh agree on something but in the case of Chelsea the crying Bernie Sanders supporter, they are both of the opinion that she is a fake. First Rush analyzes the viral video of the flowing tears followed by complete agreement with his conclusion at Mediaite.

Saturday afternoon, a young female Bernie Sanders supporter named Chelsea posted a video on her Facebook page. She had spent the day calling voters in the SEC Primary states encouraging them to vote for Bernie.

...She's in tears. She's fighting back tears. She's wiping tears from her face. She's devastated in this. She wanted to recount her experiences for everybody to know just how horrible it is out there and what she encountered personally, making phone calls for Crazy Bernie on Saturday.

...I think that the Chelsea video is a hoax. It's just... It was too cliched. It fits every stereotype too perfectly. Young girl, Millennial (impression), "I'm in politics, trying to make a difference, trying to help people, trying to be, y'know, like, uhh, really involved, and I'm making calls from Bernieeee. We love Bernieeee," and then out of the blue she ends up talking to Trump voters? She's working a Bernie Sanders phone bank and we all know that's getting out the vote.

It's not calling people to argue with people or change their minds. It's get-out-the-vote and she ends up talking to Trump people (impression), "Who are so meeeean and -- and it made me cry!

So Rush thinks it is a hoax but guess who else not only agrees completely with him but also gives him credit for pointing it out? Tommy Christoper at Mediaite although he admitted he did so reluctantly:

As much as I hate to do it, I’m going to have to go ahead and agree with Rush Limbaugh that this thing rings more falsely than a counterfeit iPhone. It’s not so much that you wouldn’t expect to hear things like this from Trump voters, but that you wouldn’t expect any real human to react this way. Nothing Chelsea says is any worse than things Trump has said himself on television. And as Rush pointed out, you also wouldn’t expect someone phone-banking for a Democratic candidate to constantly end up on the phone with Trump supporters. I’ve done phone-banking and canvassing, and Limbaugh is right, you work from rolls of your own party’s voters.

And since we are on the topic of crying, here is a special bonus video of the original cryer, Johnnie Ray, whose 1952 hit song performance "Cry" is considered by many musicologists as a precursor to rock 'n' roll.


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