Palm Beach Post Columnist Slams Parents of Rep. Giffords Doctor for Supporting Tea Party Candidates

Michael Lemole is a neurosurgeon who has been treating Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. However, that noble work wasn't enough to keep Palm Beach Post Page 2 Live columnist Jose Lambiet (photo) from dragging his parents through the mud for the "high crime" of supporting Tea Party candidates. Somehow Lambiet thinks it ironic that while the son has worked to save the life of Giffords, his parents are associated with a group that Lambiet absurdly claims provided "fertile ground" for the likes of Jared Loughner. Lambiet kicks off his odious column by snarking about how wealthy Lemole's parents appear to be:

The name of Michael Lemole, the University of Arizona neurosurgeon who’s been treating U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ brain injuries since the Jan. 8 shooting, may sound familiar to Palm Beachers.
That’s because Lemole’s mom and pop, heart surgeon Gerald Lemole and his wife, Emily, live in a $7.1 million house on The Island. They also own a more modest $3.5 million house, also in Palm Beach.
Apparently, there is a greater "crime" in the mind of Lambiet than being wealthy. And that is the political crime of being a conservative:
And while Michael is saving the life of the moderate Democratic congresswoman, Gerald and Emily are more into the far, far Right — including Tea Party goofball Christine O’Donnell!
According to campaign filings, Lemole’s parents have showered with thousands in contributions — $15,700 in 2010 alone — Tea Party candidates vying for national offices.
GASP! The parents of Michael Lemole are conservatives and to make matters "worse" they have contributed to such candidates. Send in the Thought Police!
And now the very strong suggestion from Lambiet that it was Tea Party conservatives who influenced crazed shooter Jared Loughner:
Ironically: Among their favorites are some of the very people whose controversial rhetoric and campaigns are said to provide a fertile ground for the likes of Jared Loughner, who allegedly injured Giffords and killed six others in Tucson.

Not satisfied with just sliming the parents of Michael Lemole, Lambiet concludes his swim in the mud with a parting shot at the neurosurgeon himself for what he must consider the "Thought Crime" of supporting Republicans:

Michael Lemole, by the way, last year gave $1,000 to a political action committee that contributes only to Republicans.

It will be interesting to see how long, if ever, it takes for at least the Palm Beach Post to apologize for running Jose Lambiet's odious column. 

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