Oops! Leftwing Blogosphere Forced Into Embarrassing Backtrack on Times Square Bomber ID

It appears that it wasn't only media types such as MSNBC's Contessa Brewer who were disappointed that the Times Square bombing suspect turned out to be a Muslim. They were joined by virtually the entire leftwing blogosphere in their frustration that the suspect wasn't a tea party activist or a member of a "rightwing" militia group.  Before the identity of the bombing suspect was  made known, Kossack "waterboard sean" conducted a poll on who the perpetrator could be. And here are the hilarious results of that poll (I am using Kossack terminology here):

An al Qaeda terrorist  ---4%

An American sympathetic to al Qaeda ---5%

A militia wackjob  ---30%

A teapartier ---32%

A religious wackjob ---9%

Gee! Let's see... Virtually all acts of terrorism during the past dozen years have been committed by Islamic terrorists yet only 9% of the clueless Kossacks suspect them. Instead, 71% ascribed the act to the group that Contessa Brewer was hoping would be guilty ...conservatives. 

Just as funny as the absurd results of this poll are the comments by waterboard sean and his fellow Kossacks. Here is waterboard sean acting like quite the "expert" on the identy of the bombing suspect:

I am beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that the "Times Square bomber" story is going to get very ugly for the Fox News/Limbaugh types.

So far what we know: He's a white guy. He stole someone's car (not a rental?) He didn't blow himself up. He used nonexplosive fertilizer (manure?) which suggests he has no training in bomb making.

So, could this be an anti-government wacko? Or something else?

Something else like an Al Qaeda member/sympathizer?  Where could we get a crazy idea like this? The other Kossacks chime in with their views:

You didn't list Dick Cheney in your poll

Does it make it better if it is a non-American?

Most likely a right wing McVeigh wannabe

Perhaps Beck inspired, but Beck himself, not so sure.

A paid shill by BP to keep the media attention diverted from the earth changing disaster unfolding and worsening day after day! Am I paranoid or what?

So a day goes by and waterboard sean is forced to post a new thread, umm...it appears I was wrong, when the identity of the attempted Times Square bombing was made known. Watch as waterboard sean, with an egg-covered face, is forced to eat crow in a most humiliating manner:

Yesterday I put up a poll to see what folks thought would be the outcome of the Times Square bomber case. While about 40 folks said my posting was stupid, 459 people voted.

Given events, I think the outcome was interesting. Only 24 people (I can't do math, so I don't know the percentage, but it's low) said that this fellow was an American sympathetic to al Qaeda. On the other hand, more than half -- 288 -- said that the would-be bomber was a militia or tea partier guy.

Now, Faisal Shahzad should be presumed innocent by all of us. However, the probability that this had nothing to do with any conservative movement is now extremely low.

That leads me to one thing I should say: I argued my belief that this would be an anti-government type. I was wrong.

Given the criticism, I felt like my posting was wrong to do. But now I'm glad I did it, because we have some information that gives us -- particularly me -- something to think about. . It is interesting to see how many of us -- me included -- went the direction we did in our predictions.  And I don't know what that says, but perhaps it does mean we are classifying tea partiers too strongly. Perhaps not. But I think it's an interesting thing. 

Don't feel so bad, waterboard sean. Many in the MSM, such as Contessa Brewer feel just as you do...disappointment that the suspect turned out to have the background that was the obvious choice to most rational folks.

Of course, the DUers at the Democratic Underground were also disappointed that the background of bombing suspect wasn't what they wanted it to be as you can see in these comments:

All I hope is that they have ties to the teabaggers

My Guess:
Right Wing
White Male
Flag Waving Patriot
McVeigh / Ruby Ridge / Waco fanatic
2nd Ammendment Gun Nut
Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian
and most importantly:
Anti-Immigration Zealot.

Hmm... Does Contessa Brewer have a DU account? You can read more of DUer hope and disappointment at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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