Kossacks Hail KSM Civilian Trial...as a Weapon Against 'BushCo'

Although many in the mainstream media write off the Democratic Underground as somewhat sanity challenged, they continue to praise the Daily Kos Kossacks as somehow being "reasonable progressives." The truth is that the Kossacks are every bit as loony as their DU cousins as you can see in this Daily Kos thread about what they hope will be the real outcome of the civilian trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The conviction or acquittal of KSM is pretty much beside the point for most of the Kossacks. Their real hope for this trial is that they can use it as a weapon against what they call "BushCo." which is also the desire of many others on the left along with their MSM allies.

As you take the plunge into the depths of lunacy, keep in mind that many prominent people in both politics and the MSM continue to post at the Daily Kos. However, despite despite the clear Kossack derangement, we do need to thank them for being honest enough to post openly what many others are secretly thinking.

And now the Kossack KSM trial outcome fantasies begin:

Americans will be reminded again of what the Bush administration's reckless, immoral and counterproductive pro-torture policies have meant both for those we have detained and for our ability to prosecute them for their alleged crimes.

You will have a hard time finding any sense of Kossack outrage at the actual terrorists in this thread. Almost all the anger is directed at "BushCo" and the EVIL Republicans. And I love how the terrorists acts are referred to as "alleged crimes."

Next up, a Kossack fantasy that Islamic terrorism is just a Republican fantasy:

The Republican's holy grail of prestige--in their minds--is Islamic terrorism. 

Yeah, and 9/11 wasn't caused by Islamic terrosism. Oops! That is exactly what the 9/11 Truthers such as Van Jones think. They blame it on you-know-who.

Of course, what Kossack thread on this topic would be complete without the usual blame America routine?

there's much truth to the notion that America has committed acts of terrorism, violations of human rights standards (directly and indirectly), and unwelcome intrusions into other nations' sovereignty.

Republicans love to edit history they love myths like "the US is always right and good" and we had done nothing to have the violence of 9/11 visit upon us...

Our fault! Our fault!

A related post asserts that perhaps the terrorists did have good reasons for attacking us:

Many terrorist -- I would say almost all of them -- do have legitimate complaints. We should be asking ourselves about that since that is one area where we can actually mitigate the danger and probably save a lot of money in doing so. 

The terrorists who will be going on trial pretty much get a pass from the Kossacks but note in which direction their sense of outrage is focused:

The GOP is all about power and nothing else, there is no other legitimate explanation for their actions all these years ... same mindset as rapists and pedophiles except politics is their weapon instead of sex. 

A bit of Kossack praise for the political ulterior motive of the Obama administration:

For those who are upset that obama hasn't gone after the Bush admin, this could be a very good stepping stone.

And for you folks in politics and the media who still post at the Daily Kos and continue pretending that the motivation for this trial isn't political, this Kossack spells it out for you:

The question is really what is to be gained by a civilian trial? I think the answer is that Bushco goes on trial as well--for years this will be in the news. All sorts of crap about torture and fraudulent confessions and a war built on lies. 

Somewhere in this Kossack thread there must be some anger directed towards the actual terrorists. Wire me if you find it. In the meantime, the sense of outrage pretty much follows this theme:

War crimes trials for the entire GOP. Keep these craven f---ers on the run.

The final post on the thread pretty much sums up the prevailing attitude rampant among the Kossacks:

We are getting closer to Torture Indictments
It is going to happen. Keep up the rabble rousing.
Start organizing regular Pro-Prosecution street actions in front of your local congressional District offices.
At every public event Ask your politicians Loudly "Why they support Torture". Embarrass them!!
If they haven't recently called for enforcement of our Torture Laws against the Bush-Cheney Conspiracy To Change Federal Torture Laws,
THEY Are Supporting Torture!
And SIGN the PETITION calling for Prosecution 

And, of course, this Kossack isn't calling for prosecution of KSM and his fellow terrorists. That is pretty much of sideshow for the Kossacks...and many others on the left. The true purpose of the trial for them has been pretty much spelled out by the folks at the Daily Kos.

You can read even more anti-Bush/GOP (but not anti-terrorist) rantings from that Kossack thread at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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