CNN’s 'Belief Blog': Good Catholics Accept Homosexuality

Perhaps CNN’s "Belief Blog" should be renamed the "Anti-Belief Blog." Blatant scorn for Christian morality is ever-present there. 

Fordham religious professor Patrick Hornbeck, in a post titled "Why good Catholics are challenging church line on homosexuality," argues that good Catholics are increasingly rejecting "official Church teaching" concerning homosexuality. He claims that "A series of recent conferences at American colleges reveals the breadth of Catholic approaches to issues of sexual diversity."

Because American college professors know so much more about Catholic teachings than clergy who have dedicated their lives to serving God, or even the Pope.

Hornbeck cites a veritable litany of "good Catholics" who reject Church teaching on homosexuality. The founders of homosexual activist groups such as Fortunate Families are included by Hornbeck as examples of “good Catholics.”  

Hornbeck even includes hatemonger Dan Savage in his piece, citing "his Catholic upbringing and identity" and sympathetically portraying "the year he spent in a high school seminary," "his Catholic deacon father," and "the baptism he and his husband sought for their son."

The tender and Catholic-loving Savage is in reality a foul-mouthed bigot, declaring that he wanted to f*** the s*** out of Catholic presidential candidate Rick Santorum and telling a reader to “f*** your feelings” concerning gay marriage. (But such exploits were never mentioned by Hornbeck.)

It seems that according to Hornbeck, a “good Catholic” is one who aligns with liberal social ideals, and not someone who actually believes in the teachings of the Catholic Church. In other words, a "good Catholic" is one who rejects actual Catholic teachings in favor of a more progressive worldview. (This has long been the media understanding of Catholicism.)

Hornbeck closed his rant with a call for "conversations" regarding homosexuality: "All of us, Catholic or not, LGBT or not, owe it to ourselves and our fellow citizens to keep these new conversations going. Let’s not to [sic] settle for only part of the story."

The liberal definition of “conversation,” as practiced by Savage and his cohorts, ruthlessly excludes dissent. In liberal speak, conversations about homosexuality can be translated as acceptance of homosexuality.

Anti-religious fare is nothing new for CNN’s Belief Blog. Another piece in the Belief Blog, titled "Why young Christians aren’t waiting anymore," prominently featured Christians who rejected abstinence.

CNN’s Belief Blog seems to be more concerned with undermining Christian belief than examining it.

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