NPR Blogger: 'I'm Sorry, But Chick Fights Are Sexy.'

The blogoshpere is full of opinions, but this one you're paying for. Your tax dollars are going to National Public Radio Blogger and Morning Edition commentator John Ridley to editorialize "I'm sorry, but chick fights are sexy" in his new blog on the NPR website called “Visible Man”, which will appear twice a week. Ridley chimes in on why he likes Elizabeth Edwards for his first post:

Ladies throwing down is just plain hot, and that's true whether they're drunk and tussling on the Vegas Strip or if they're doing some verbal mud wrestling in the media. And the woman least afraid to get her li'l dukes up, and therefore currently the sexiest in politics, is Elizabeth Edwards.

Ridley also comments on Edward’s interview with where she suggested her husband would be a better advocate for women’s rights than Senator Clinton saying “makes me wanna grab a beer, kick back and wait for these ladies to rip each other's intellectual shirts off.”

At the very least Ridley concedes that Elizabeth Edwards' grandstanding only hurts Mr. Edwards. But the best part is that he does so in rhetoric you'd probably find on a sorority girl's myspace profile:

The real loser in all this is, of course, John Edwards. His wife picking fights for him makes him look like an even bigger bee-yatch than that eight-minute primp-vid of his that was viraling around the Web.

According to the Frequently Asked Questions for the blog, Ridley’s commentary is “ironic” and “award winning”. He is the author of several novels and contributes to The New York Times, Esquire, and Time.