CNN Reportedly Eyeing Leno

One of the biggest questions swirling around Hollywood is where will Jay Leno land when Jimmy Fallon replaces him as the host of NBC's Tonight Show in February.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it could be CNN.

Sources told THR that CNN president Jeff Zucker recently met with Leno at NBC in Burbank.

However, those familiar with the story know that Zucker and Leno have some history together, and it's not good.

It was Zucker who decided to replace Leno with Conan O'Brien in 2009.

This resulted in one of the most embarrassing episodes in NBC history with Leno first getting a weekly primetime show, then given a half-hour nightly program at 11:35 to precede O'Brien, and O'Brien eventually leaving costing the network millions along with the bad faith generated by the debacle.

Given his treatment by Zucker, would Leno actually consider working for him again?

There are of course others courting Leno. These apparently include Tribune, American Idol producer Core Media Group, and NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt who just last week said, "[N]othing would make me happier than to find ways to keep him involved with this network."

Given the way Leno's been treated by NBC, can you really see him staying?

Yet not named in THR's report was Fox which was immediately rumored to be a possible suitor when NBC announced Fallon would be replacing Leno.

Going head-to-head with Fallon, Kimmel, and Letterman for the late night championship - while really sticking it to NBC for dumping him twice! - has to appeal to Leno who is still three years younger than Johnny Carson when he retired.

Where will Leno go?

Stay tuned.

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