George Will: Filibuster Change Could Lead to Repeal of ObamaCare

Democrats in the Senate Thursday invoked the nuclear option changing how the filibuster applies to presidential appointments.

On Fox News’s Special Report hours after the vote, George Will said this could lead to the repeal of ObamaCare in 2017 (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE WILL: There’s no limiting principle in the principle they’re invoking, that is majorities should rule all the time. What this means is if in the spring of 2017 there’s a Republican president, which there could be, the Republicans still hold the House, and they have 51 Senators, they can repeal ObamaCare with 51 votes. And I'm not sure the people who did this today have thought this through.

No, they certainly haven’t.

If these Democrats and their media minions don’t realize that the change invoked by the Democrats – which is currently limited to presidential appointments with the exception of Supreme Court justices – will expand over time, they’re kidding themselves.

What Democrats with seemingly the full support of the liberal media have done is permanently changed the rules of the Senate allowing the majority to do whatever it wants.

Although this might lead to positive things for Republicans at some time in the future – such as the repeal of ObamaCare – this is a sad day for our nation when 52 Senators decide to rewrite how that Chamber works.

Shame on them and shame on all those in the media who think this is a good thing.

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