Mark Levin: ‘MSNBC Is a Hateful, Vile, Character Assassinating Outlet’

In the wake of the disgusting comments MSNBC's Martin Bashir made about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin Friday, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin had some important observations regarding the incident Monday.

"MSNBC, ladies and gentlemen, is a hateful, vile, character assassinating outlet" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MARK LEVIN (After playing Bashir's apology): Well time will tell, and that is a remarkable statement, and I hope his colleagues over there at MSLSD are listening. You listening Chrissy Matthews? How about you, Scarborough? Yeah you. You’re a real piece of work. Lawrence O’Donnell. How about you, pal? Are you listening? Ed Schultz. Talk about a lowlife. And there he is. And of course Sharpton. I guarantee you, he’s not listening. Rachel Maddow, who dresses up her vitriol in pseudo-intellectualism. We’re on to you too, Rachel. We really are.

That MSNBC, ladies and gentlemen, is a hateful, vile, character assassinating outlet. That’s what it is. That’s what they do. And it should tell you plenty that the personnel, many of them, from MSNBC cross-pollinate - as we like to say - with the personnel at NBC News.

It's amazing me that any so-called “journalist” would want to be seen on MSNBC, and yet there they are. Andrea Mitchell among others. And Brian Mitchell [Williams] from time to time in election related matters sits right next to Chris Matthews. And of course Joe Scarborough, the great sellout, the great pretender. He shows up everywhere. And the irony there is he’s lecturing you and me about conservatism, about civility, and about things he obviously knows nothing about.

MSNBC, I tell you. Hollywood and Oprah. Pretty pathetic, don’t you think folks?

As I reported Monday, although Bashir's comments likely were the most disgraceful he's ever made about anyone, and his apology sincere and heartfelt, he has a long track record of making inflammatory and vicious remarks about people he doesn't agree with.

So do virtually all the people on this "hateful, vile, character assassinating" network.

As such, the real test of Bashir's apology and contrition is if he and his colleagues are going to realize that this incident Friday should represent a tipping point. Hopefully, through Bashir's disgusting words, they all were forced to look into the mirror to see what they've become.

Will this lead them to change or just be a temporary moment of clarity that is quickly forgotten as they continue attacking the character of all that possess different views?

Sadly, I think the latter will be the case, and conceivably by the end of this week - if not sooner - Bashir's comments and apology will be forgotten by all but those that were truly offended by them.

Stay tuned.

(HT Daily Rushbo)

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