Reporter Challenges Alec Baldwin to Boxing Match for GLAAD: 'Let’s Settle This Like Men’

Alec Baldwin picked the wrong reporter to mess with.

After an altercation with the actor Friday, the New York Post's Kevin Fasick - a former professional boxer - officially challenged Baldwin to a boxing match with proceeds going to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation:

My old trainer, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, once told me, “Son, an empty wagon makes the most noise.”

Alec Baldwin is the emptiest wagon of them all.

This reporter got up close and apparently way too personal for the Bloviator outside his East Village home on Friday — and the big mouth roared.

His chubby face contorted with rage, Baldwin bellowed at me to back away and then charged like a bull, pushing me into a parked car.

I just let him blow off steam.

What Baldwin didn't know is that Fasick is a former professional boxer with a 5-3 record that included 3 TKOs.

Fasick did indeed train under Frazier as he wrote about in 2011.

After decades out of the ring - his last official fight was in 1986 (a TKO, by the way!) - Fasick wants one more:

Witnesses to Baldwin’s outburst asked if I was going to file a police report.

But rather than making scenes on the street, why don’t we settle this like men — and do something right in the process.

Meet me in the ring, Baldwin. All for a good cause.

We can raise some cash for GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) — a group I am sure you support.

I’ll even let you throw the first punch.

For those not getting the GLAAD reference, Baldwin also had an altercation with a paparazzo Friday in which he called the man a homophobic slur.

As a result, MSNBC suspended Baldwin from his Up Late show for two episodes.

However, as Baldwin wrote Saturday, he may not be returning:

Whether the show comes back at all is at issue right now. My producers and I had a very enlightening and well-researched program prepared to air on November 22nd itself, dealing with John Kennedy's assassination. That show is off the air now. I am deeply apologetic to Ron Fried, who worked extremely hard with me on that show. It's heartbreaking to me that the show, meant to coincide with the actual anniversary, will not be aired that night. The show is no doubt a work in progress and one that I believe featured some interesting guests and disseminated a good deal of interesting information. But if the show dies, its fate ends up being no different than the vast majority of start-up TV programming, and so be it.

Whether or not Baldwin returns to MSNBC is likely of little consequence to many people given his paltry ratings.

More important is whether he'll face Fasick in the ring or prove once and for all he's just a big-mouthed coward.

Stay tuned.

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