Hannity: Sebelius Keeps Her Job But ObamaCare Operator Gets Fired for Talking to Me

By now you’ve likely heard the story of Earline Davis, an ObamaCare operator who got fired because she talked to conservative radio host Sean Hannity while she was on the job earlier in the week.

Hannity was on Fox & Friends Friday morning, and he discussed the irony of Davis, who makes $11.69 an hour, getting fired, yet Health and Human Resources secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who’s largely responsible for the disastrous rollout of this program, still has her job (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SEAN HANNITY: Did you ever call an 800 number and have somebody that was really not helpful, kind of rude?

HOSTS: All the time.

HANNITY: Earline was just the opposite. She was kind, she was nice. She was terrific. She was thoughtful. She was honest. Just really, really, really wonderful. As it turns out, this was a fairly new job for her. She had only been there about five weeks. She had been through training. And, you know, here we are at a point where Kathleen Sebelius is saying that she doesn't work for all of us. Well, I have news for her, she does. And Kathleen Sebelius, who spends all this money for this debacle of a rollout, she has her job, and here’s a woman that makes 11.39 an hour who gets fired.

STEVE DOOCY, CO-HOST: Yeah, and she got fired, and we should point out, you did what you're supposed to do. You asked, “Hey, Earline, is it okay if I put you on the radio?" And she said, “Yes.”

HANNITY: Yeah, you have to do that. We did all the right things.

DOOCY: You followed your protocol. She said, “Yeah, it's going to be fine.” Apparently they never told her in training you're not supposed to talk to the media, and so she got fired. And then because she got fired, and you felt lousy about it, she made $26,000 a year.


DOOCY: You are going to pay her that money out of your own pocket to make this right.

HANNITY: You know, she shouldn't get fired because I made a phone call and it was public. She did nothing wrong. Nothing. There is no reason she should have been fired. She was very clear to us yesterday, and we had her on the program last night, that she went through a training period. At no time was she told that if somebody calls up and they want your answers, if they say they're on the radio that you can't do that. I think the reason they might have gotten mad is when I asked if, that very clip that you just played, is anybody happy about it? Now she gave an honest answer. “No.”

ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST: She was honest, Sean. And when you, you also set up a website to help Earline get a job, correct? And you've had a ton of feedback.

HANNITY: Elisabeth, it really is heartwarming. You know, just, every once in a while when you think there is no hope for humanity, all of these people have been writing. Judge Alex wrote me a note last night. He wants to donate money to her. But hundreds of people have written us so far, and they're offering jobs. People want to send her encouraging notes. Other people want to send her money. Some people say they want to send her gift cards. So we've worked out a way that we're going to collect all of those things. We set up a website, jobs@hannity.com. And we're specifically looking for a job for her down in Panama City.

Bravo, Sean! Bravo!

(HT Andrew Kirell)

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