Krauthammer to Jon Stewart: 'If Ted Cruz is the Leader of Conservatism You’re the Leader of Liberalism’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart Wednesday, “You are the official spokesman of liberals.”

When the Daily Show host objected during the extended online version of their interview, Krauthammer marvelously countered, “If Ted Cruz is the leader of conservatism, you’re the leader of liberalism” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is what I love about liberals. They have everything…

JON STEWART, HOST: No, say, “This is what you love about me.” Don’t make this, don’t make this a larger argument. This is me. This is what I think.

KRAUTHAMMER: You are the official spokesman of liberals.

STEWART: [Laughs]

KRAUTHAMMER: You know that. You’re being…

STEWART: You know what I am? I’m a contrarian ass. That’s all I am.

KRAUTHAMMER: You’re being overly modest, and I would say, although, to some extent properly modest.

STEWART: [Laughs] Thank you.

KRAUTHAMMER: If Ted Cruz is the leader of conservatism, you’re the leader of liberalism.

STEWART: Alright, fair enough.

As a little background, Stewart spent much of the 25 minute interview repeatedly referring to Cruz despite every attempt by Krauthammer to make it clear that the Texas Senator is not  the face of the entire Republican Party.

I guess after roughly 20 minutes, Charles felt he needed to give Stewart a little of his own medicine.

That said, I highly encourage folks to watch the entire extended interview. It was tremendously civil, and a marvelous engagement between two folks on opposite sides of the aisle who clearly respect each other.

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