Michael Jackson Made More Money Posthumously This Year Than Any Living Celebrity

You might not be able to take your money to the grave, but the late Michael Jackson proved this year you sure can make a lot of dough there.

According to The Wrap, Jackson has made $160 million this year topping Madonna's $125 million.

Readers might not be aware that the Jackson estate owns two Cirque du Soleil shows, one of which called "Immortal" made over $300 million since opening last year. The estate also owns his music of course as well as half of the Sony-ATV catalog that includes hits from the Beatles and Lady Gaga.

Makes you wonder what his tax rate is.

Funnier still, Jackson isn't even the highest posthumous earner. For instance, the late Elizabeth Taylor made $210 million last year mostly from the auction of her possessions after her 2011 passing.

It really is amazing to think about people making that kind of money and not knowing it.

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