Chuck Todd: 'They're Going to Have to Find a Fall Person' for ObamaCare, 'Sebelius Is Very Nervous'

NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd made a strong statement Sunday about the administration needing "a fall person" if the ObamaCare website continues to fail.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Todd said, "Kathleen Sebelius is very nervous about her standing with the president" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID GREGORY, HOST: Obamacare, just a few seconds, how does the president try to change this trajectory? He's going to be talking tomorrow.

CHUCK TODD: Well, there's a couple things. I think one, if all else fails, they're going to have to find a fall person, somebody, and say, "You know what? This didn't work. Fire somebody. Maybe high profile." Kathleen Sebelius is very nervous about her standing with the president. Who knows what happens? But that would be the ultimate sort of, "If all else fails, bring in somebody to quote unquote, 'Fix this.'"

Notice that Todd said "fall person" and not "fall guy."


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