Krauthammer: If Obama Miscalculates Syria Strike ‘We Could Have a Major Regional War’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer made a dire observation Friday about what appears to be an inevitable strike on Syria.

Appearing on Fox News’s Special Report, Krauthammer said, “Well, if [President Obama] miscalculates and the Iranians or Hezbollah reacts, we could have a regional war, a major regional.”

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The war is being driven by Iran. There's actual evidence that Iranian agents, Revolutionary Guards who were involved in the poison gas. Iran controls Hezbollah which spreads terror in the Middle East in the region, and Iran is the one driving the war. Iran is looking, and it’s also developing the nukes, of course. The problem is that if you get into this war, even in the limited and I think almost absurd way Obama is doing – he’s giving them so much notice that even if we dropped all the ammunition on the three or four ships, I mean, everything of importance has been moved - Iran is strengthened.

And the question is it’s going to look as if the U.S. - the U.K. has already walked away - Iran is in the driver's seat, America is slinking away. And the problem is if you make a miscalculation, and you let Iran imagine it is in charge, it threatens to attack Israel, Syria as well as Hezbollah, Israel will respond fiercely and it could get out of control. So it isn't as if Obama imagines, you know, he says I'll do a narrow thing, I’ll do a limited thing, it’s not going to be boots on the ground, as if he’s pleading with Assad, you know, don't take it seriously. It’s just going to be a few bombs in the desert. Well, if he miscalculates and the Iranians or Hezbollah reacts, we could have a regional war, a major regional.

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