A-Rod May Be Cut From Animated Children's Movie

Although it's been in production for six years and will be very expensive to do, embattled baseball star Alex Rodriguez might be cut from an animated children's movie scheduled for release next April.

The film's executive producer Ray Negron initially told New York's Newsday that Rodriguez's parts will be completely edited out of the final version.

Negron back-pedaled from this later in the day claiming the final decision has yet to be made.

The film is called "Henry and Me." In it, Rodriguez plays a young Yankee fan trying to overcome cancer.

Now with all the attention Rodriguez is getting over alleged performance-enhancing drug use, those involved in the film are concerned it might hurt sales.

This is important, for according to The Hollywood Reporter, profits from the film are being donated to charities supported by the various performers.

But removing Rodriguez will be costly. He's in 49 different segments including a game-winning grand slam in the climax.

Complicating matters further, the film is dedicated to the late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner with son Hank playing the voice of his father.

Aside from Rodriguez, the film has a star-studded lineup that includes current Yankee closer Mariano Rivera, Yankee legends Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson, as well as Richard Gere, Chazz Palminteri, Luiz Guzman, Danny Aiello, Cyndi Lauper and Paul Simon.

"I love Alex Rodriguez, but I love kids more," Negron told Newsday. "We just don't want to get caught up with everything that's happening right now. The message that we are trying to relay to kids is too important that we don't want to get caught up with that."

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