Leno: Brian Williams Getting Knee Surgery Now 'Before ObamaCare Kicks In'

It was announced last week that NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams will be taking medical leave to have surgery to repair a knee he injured years ago playing high school football.

NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno marvelously said Monday, “I guess he wants to get it done quickly before ObamaCare kicks in” (video follows with commentary):


Williams and other Obama-loving media members will likely get ObamaCare exemptions much like members of Congress and people who work for the Internal Revenue Service.

This could be payback for Williams bowing to Obama during an interview back in June 2009.

That said, with all the jokes Leno has made recently about ObamaCare, one wonders if he’ll be critical of this program when President Obama joins him on the Tonight Show Tuesday evening.

Stay tuned.

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