Howard Stern to Jimmy Fallon: ‘How You Got The Tonight Show I Don't Know. You Barely Beat Craig Ferguson’

Shock jock Howard Stern really laid into Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s Late Night Monday.

Talking about Fallon replacing Jay Leno, Stern said, “How you got the Tonight Show I don't know. You barely beat Craig Ferguson.”

After his introduction as Fallon’s first guest, Stern remained standing mocking everyone in sight.

“What are these reports I'm hearing that you're out of control, nervous about the move to 11:30, and you've been unbearable?” Stern asked his host. “I saw a subtle change in the monologue.”

After Fallon said they’re preparing for the move, Stern continued, “You know, when you're on at 12:30, nothing matters. Like this show tonight, nobody's watching it. Nobody cares.”

“You always say that,” objected Fallon. “People watch our show!”

“Not really,” Stern fired back. “I've seen the ratings. How you got the Tonight Show I don't know. You barely beat Craig Ferguson.”

Stern was clearly talking about Fallon’s competition at 12:30 on CBS.

From there, Stern mocked Fallon’s love of video games.

“And you can't come out here and do game week for ten minutes. Nobody - how old are you? Wow, it's game week. Let's look at Atari.”

“I think Jimmy's philosophy is he's going to act young, talk about how he plays video games at home, and then the kids will watch him.”

When Stern finally sat down, he said, “I am so grateful that you are taking over the Tonight Show. I think it's fantastic. I subscribe to the Anyone But Jay philosophy.”

“If they had replaced Jay with Ahmadinejad over in Iran,” Stern continued, “I am telling you, I wouldn't have cared. Charlie Manson could've taken over the Tonight Show as long as it's not Jay Leno.”

Methinks Stern is suffering from a severe case of Leno Envy.

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.