‘Late Late Show’ Host Ferguson to Bill Maher: You're Controlled by the Democratic Party

This is beyond delicious.

On the CBS Late Late Show Tuesday, host Craig Ferguson accused Bill Maher - to his face! - of being controlled by the Democratic Party (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

During their discussion, Maher commented about how he had been on the same studio lot since 1996 when he was doing Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central.

“I’ve endured,” bragged Maher. “That’s gansta!”

“Yeah, that’s right,” agreed Ferguson. “You’re still here. And, I may say, I’m impressed. You still go out and do the standup. You still do your thing.”

“Do you?” Maher asked.

“Yeah, all the time,” Ferguson responded. “You have to get a sense of autonomy from the, from the, you know, the Borg that controls you - in my case CBS, in your case the Democratic Party.”

Maher quickly grimaced leading Ferguson to add, “Oh it’s a joke, Bill, it’s a joke.”

“I don’t mind a joke,” replied Maher, “it’s just not an accurate one.”

Actually, Bill, it’s spot on and everyone in the studio audience knew it.

Absolutely spectacular to see someone have the nerve to tell Maher the inconvenient truth to his face.

Bravo, Craig! Bravo!

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