Bill Maher: Ted Cruz Has 'The Steely-Eyed Focus of a Serial Killer'

Despite HBO's Real Time being off for the Memorial Day weekend, host Bill Maher felt it was necessary to offend a conservative without the aid of television.

So he took to his blog Friday to attack Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) writing, "[H]e's got Newt Gingrich's ambition and ego mixed with the steely-eyed focus of a serial killer":

The Republican base is mad at Marco Rubio for working on immigration reform with people like Chuck Schumer. Here's a recent cover of The National Review:

You see, they want a Latino to run in 2016, but not just any Latino. They need one who's openly hostile to other Latinos. Enter Ted Cruz. He's the Texas Senator and anti-immigration hardliner who leaked to multiple sources last week that he was "mulling" a run for president -- which is how candidates raise money to run for president. And you can bet the farm that he will run, because he's got Newt Gingrich's ambition and ego mixed with the steely-eyed focus of a serial killer. He's young and Cuban, like Rubio, but even Tea Baggier -- and totally unwilling to compromise with liberals on anything, including eating with a knife and fork.

After wrongly claiming that since Cruz was born in Canada, he's not eligible to be president - the Washington Post stated just a few weeks ago that Cruz likely would be eligible - Maher concluded:

So, as much as I’d like to disqualify Ted Cruz because he's everything that I hate about politicians wrapped into one man, the fact that he was born near the oil fields of Calgary should not be an issue. Unless that's where he picked up the lead poisoning.


Alas, this wasn't the first time Maher attacked Cruz. He did so in January:

Ted Cruz is the newly minted, teabag-endorsed, junior senator from Texas. He's a Canadian-born Harvard Law graduate, but he speaks fluent shit-kicker. And he doesn't cotton to pussies, fairies and she-men like Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.

It really is amazing this man has his own nationally televised show.

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