Greg Gutfeld on America: 'Obama is Nero, Media is the Fiddle, and We are Rome'

Fox News's Greg Gutfeld made a statement about the relationship between President Obama, the media, and America on Wednesday's The Five that deserves serious consideration.

"Obama is Nero, media is the fiddle, and we are Rome" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GREG GUTFELD: The fact is, I mean, if you want to understand the nature of the contemporary America right now, the relationship between the media and Obama and America, Obama is Nero, media is the fiddle, and we are Rome.

DANA PERINO: And watch us burn.

GUTFELD: Watch us burn.

I'm not sure I agree.

Obama certainly does play the media, but they're playing their part in misinforming the American people leading us down an undesirable path.

As such, I think Obama and his dutiful media are Nero, the American people are the fiddle, and the nation is Rome.

Your thoughts?


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