Martin Short Trashes the Huffington Post on CBS Late Show

Actor and comedian Martin Short took a comedic swipe at the Huffington Post on the CBS Late Show Thursday.

After relaying inaccurate information about the shakeup at NBC's Tonight Show to host David Letterman, Martin said, "Huffington Post usually knows" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

“I am stunned, stunned and angry that they are replacing you a second time,” Short joshed Letterman.

Letterman corrected him saying, “No, now listen. You’re mistaken. Once again you got some bad information.”

“Well, I don't know,” Short countered. “Huffington Post usually knows.”

Arianna must be so proud of herself.

Readers might be aware that the joke used to be when you intentionally got information wrong to say, “The National Enquirer usually knows.”

Now, thanks to the tabloid nature of Arianna's publication, Short substituted the Huffington Post.

You gotta love it.

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