Mark Levin Slams Harry Reid: 'Lowest of the Lowlives,' 'Bottom of the Sewer'

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin on Tuesday absolutely excoriated Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for implying on the Senate floor that the sequester was connected to the death of seven Marines at the Hawthorne, Nevada, Army depot earlier in the day.

"Harry Reid, you’re the lowest of the lowlives, you know that? You really are at the bottom of the sewer" (video follows courtesy Right Scoop with partial transcript).

MARK LEVIN: The exploitation that the left is involved in, whether it’s that mass murder in Connecticut or this, is just inconceivable to a rational human being. If Harry Reid really cared about these seven Marines, why politicize this? Why not just go to the Senate floor and talk about it, and if you want to talk about the sequester, that’s in a separate speech? The sequester had nothing to do with this. […]

Harry Reid, you’re the lowest of the lowlives, you know that? You really are at the bottom of the sewer, all the time on every issue, whether it’s accusing Mitt Romney of not filing taxes. You are just a very ill human being. And the fact that you’re the Senate Majority Leader says an awful lot about the Democrats in the Senate.

The American people deserve better than this miscreant. We do. We deserve better than this man. He’s a vicious, stupid man. Somehow out of Searchlight, Nevada, he’s acquired tens of millions of dollars as he lives on a penthouse floor on the Ritz Carlton in Washington, D.C. Somehow, somehow this low IQ, no talent, hack, backwoods politician has become the Senate Majority Leader and an extremely wealthy man.

Now look at the slime that comes out of his mouth. Seven dead Marines, somebody’s sons, somebody’s fathers, somebody's brothers, seven dead Marines, and this jerk goes to the Senate floor and he has to talk about the sequester which had nothing to do with it…This man needs to be condemned, on the Senate floor, in public, for the implication that he drew, and he clearly drew it, on the Senate floor today.

Our men and women in uniform, they're not there as political props. Harry Reid and the military. Harry Reid’s the Majority Leader. If he cared about the United States military, he wouldn’t allow the military being hollowed out. He has enormous power, including with Obama.

Now look at him, look at him, this shriveled up, useless excuse for a Senate Majority Leader. Look at him. Listen to him. Barely coherent. Always on the attack, always looking for ways to exploit for political advantage. Man doesn’t have a principled bone in his body, not one. Well maybe the one in his head, but even that one’s not principled.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and I mean it, not as a joke, not to create controversy: this man is [unintelligible]. There’s something wrong with him. And it seems to me that if they’re going to put more rules in place before we, law-abiding, honorable, mentally-well citizens can own firearms, then by God every one of these damn politicians ought to have to prove to us before they sit in some powerful office that they’re not mentally screwed up like Harry Reid who clearly is mentally screwed up

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