Pothead Bill Maher Tells Snoop Dogg ‘You Smoke Too Much Pot’

Isn't liberal media hypocrisy a wonderful thing?

Consider the hilarious spectacle Friday night of HBO's resident pothead Bill Maher telling rapper turned reggae singer Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, "You smoke too much pot" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Shortly after Maher invited Snoop to join the panel, he said, “I noticed that there is a common thread between your old life as a rapper with rap music and the new life - weed. Again, weed!”

“And I just want to say,” Maher continued, “I watched this movie carefully and.”

Snoop interrupted admitting, “There was a lot of weed in the movie.”

“Yeah,” replied Maher as they both laughed along with the audience. “I mean, I say this as a friend, and as someone who I think has impeccable credentials as a stoner: you smoke too much pot. I really mean this from a health perspective. You smoke too much pot."

“But Bill,” countered Snoop, “I'm on a quest. I'm trying to catch somebody right now. I'm trying to catch the great Willie Nelson.

“Well,” Maher replied, “you’ve got a ways to go.”

“Exactly,” said Snoop.

And then the discussion predictably moved towards legalizing marijuana likely so Maher and Snoop can try to catch Nelson without any legal liability.

I guess you could call this HBO on drugs.

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