Gun-Hating Martin Bashir Praises Man Who Defends Obama Murals With An AR-15

Marcus Davis, a Houston, Texas-based restaurant owner, defends murals of Barack Obama painted on the exterior of his establishment with an AR-15.

Even though he is aware of this, Martin Bashir - one of MSNBC's most vocal gun control advocates - praised the proprietor of The Breakfast Klub during a lengthy interview Thursday (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

For some background, since 2008, Davis has had murals of Obama painted on the exterior walls of his restaurant. Unfortunately, vandals have at times thrown paint on these murals including this past Monday.

As Bashir predictably praised his guest - even comparing the defacement of these murals to Obama's struggles with his political detractors! - he eventually said, "But thinking of your willingness to protect this mural, Mr. Davis, we also know that in addition to your support for the president, you support the first amendment and you also support the second amendment. And we have a picture of you with a weapon. I believe it's an AR-15 over your shoulder. Now sir, I have to ask you, would you consider using a weapon like that on someone who was prepared to deface a painting?"

Those watching the video should notice a smile on Bashir's face when he said, "We have a picture of you with a weapon."

Apparently weapons are funny to the anti-gun Bashir when they're used to protect murals of the president.

In fact, after Davis gave a lengthy answer to Bashir's question which included "I will do the right thing to defend and protect my property," the anti-gun host concluded the interview by saying, “Thank you for your resoluteness and perseverance, and I'd love to have breakfast at the Breakfast Klub myself sometime.”

So having an AR-15 appears to be fine with Bashir when you're defending a painting of Obama.

This from a man who just a few weeks ago played a selectively edited video clip to besmirch gun rights supports.

As should be once again obvious, like so many on MSNBC, Bashir's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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