Leno Airs Mock Video of Obama Congratulating Go Daddy Nerd For Kissing Supermodel

NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno sure is fascinated with the Go Daddy ad featured during last Sunday's Super Bowl wherein supermodel Bar Refaeli passionately kissed a nerd.

After he himself kissed the same nerd on Wednesday's show, Leno aired a mock video of President Obama congratulating the nerd for finally breaking through a long dry spell.

Early in his opening monologue, Leno said, “Well, after the big victory, President Obama called the Baltimore Ravens headquarters to congratulate the team. He also made another important call that day. Here's that story.”

An unidentified off-screen reporter said as a video played, “President Obama called Baltimore Ravens headquarters to congratulate them on their Super Bowl victory. But the President wasn't done. Later in the day he called to congratulate someone who had an even bigger achievement during the Super Bowl.”

Obama was then shown on the phone saying, “The whole country is proud of you. I know it's a long wait. And you finally broke a much longer dry spell.”

At that point, the video switched to the Go Daddy nerd on the other end of the phone.

The President continued, “But I look forward to seeing you here at the White House. Bye bye."

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