Leno on 'Lincoln' Oscar Nominations: 'First Time Hollywood Ever Voted for a Republican President'

On Thursday it was announced that the film "Lincoln" had received twelve Oscar nominations including best picture of the year.

Hours later, NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno marvelously quipped that it's "the first time Hollywood has ever voted for a Republican president. That's amazing" (video follows with commentary):

The other thing that's interesting about the universal love for this film - full disclosure: I thought it was marvelous! - was that it accurately depicted House Republicans as being completely for abolishing slavery and their Democratic counterparts as being staunchly opposed.

Makes you wonder how many Hollywoodans - and liberals around the country for that matter - were aware of this prior to seeing the film, and if it might give them cause to reconsider their view that Republicans are all racist.

On the other hand, history has shown it's impossible for facts to interfere with the liberal agenda.

As such, to quote Emily Litella, never mind.

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