Poll: Republicans Overwhelmingly Support Time Warner Cable Dumping Current TV, Dems Oppose

A new YouGov/HuffPost poll finds twice as many Americans support versus oppose Time Warner Cable's decision to cut Al Gore's Current TV network as a result of its sale to Al Jazeera. 

Far more fascinating, an overwhelming majority of Republicans back TWC's move while Democrats narrowly disapprove of it.

41 percent of the 1000 people surveyed last week approved Current getting the axe compared to 22 percent in opposition. 37 percent weren't sure.

The number of undecideds shouldn't be all that surprising given 41 percent of respondents claiming they had heard absolutely nothing about this matter.

That's some fine news media we have, isn't it?

According to the Post, Republicans and Independents strongly approved of the TWC decision with the former supporting the move 65 percent to 13 percent and the latter backing it 42 percent to 22 percent.

Not surprisingly, 27 percent of Democrats opposed the move while 26 percent supported it.

Some on the left just can't disapprove of anything Gore does.

Current TV (Gore's channel) Al Gore
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