Michael Moore Recommends Soldiers Punch the Lights Out of People Who Thank Them for Their Service

On New Year’s Eve, schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore made a resolution to stop saying he supports the troops.

On Thursday, Moore put an exclamation point on this anti-American insanity publishing a piece at the Huffington Post entitled “Those Who Say 'I Support the Troops' Really Don't.”

“I don't support the troops, America, and neither do you,” Moore began. “I am tired of the ruse we are playing on these brave citizens in our armed forces. And guess what -- a lot of these soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines see right through the bullshit of those words, ‘I support the troops!,’ spoken by Americans with such false sincerity -- false because our actions don't match our words.”

“These young men and women sign up to risk their very lives to protect us,” Moore continued, “and this is what they get in return.”

Moore then elaborated on six offenses either suffered by our troops or thrust upon them by Americans.

These included: being “sent off to wars that have NOTHING to do with defending America or saving our lives;” having their homes foreclosed on them while they’re overseas; regular citizens never visiting VA hospitals to see how people there are being treated; female soldiers being raped; no one helping homeless vets, and; suicide.

In Moore’s view, since he and most other Americans aren’t doing anything about these issues, we don’t really support the troops.

“I beg any young person reading this who's thinking of joining the armed forces to please reconsider,” Moore wrote as he crescendoed to a conclusion.

“Our war department has done little to show you they won't recklessly put your young life in harm's way for a cause that has nothing to do with what you signed up for,” he continued. “They will not help you once they've used you and spit you back into society. If you're a woman, they will not protect you from rapists in their ranks. And because you have a conscience and you know right from wrong, you do not want yourself being used to kill civilians in other countries who never did anything to hurt us.”

“Don't become the next statistic so that General Electric can post another record profit -- while paying no taxes -- taxes that otherwise would be paying for the artificial leg that they've kept you waiting for months to receive,” Moore exclaimed. “And please, next time some ‘supporter of the troops’ says to you with that concerned look on their face, ‘I thank you for your service,’ you have my permission to punch their lights out (figuratively speaking, of course).”

What a piece of work.

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.