Anderson Cooper: 'Weirdest Moment' on NYE Show Was...Psy Walk-on? NOT Griffin Kissing His Crotch?

One would think the weirdest moment for Anderson Cooper during CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast was co-host Kathy Griffin kissing his crotch on national television.

Not so, for in a New Year's Day wrap-up with Griffin on Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360, the host actual said the "weirdest moment" of the broadcast was when Korean singer Psy and MC Hammer surprisingly dropped by (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST: So I know after the show you usually talk to your mom and she gives a frank assessment of how things went.

To begin with, doesn't it seem odd that after Griffin's disgraceful performance CNN would invite her back on hours later to give her assessment?

I guess the folks at the supposedly most trusted name in news aren't at all embarrassed by what happened on their network:

KATHY GRIFFIN: Okay, there's a political term. What are you saying about the cliff, high, low, thumbs up, thumbs down, whatever.

COOPER: That's "Siskel and Ebert," but --

GRIFFIN: Nice reference. And I love when you make fun of my "Brady Bunch" references. Anyway, it was a thumbs down for Maggie.

COOPER: Oh really?

GRIFFIN: Yes, my 92-year-old alcoholic mother - and there was some boxed wine involved - she did not care for my performance. She felt I was too vulgar and disgusting.

So Griffin's mother thought she was too vulgar and disgusting. Yet the folks at CNN apparently don't agree:

COOPER: I heard that, some...

GRIFFIN: Oh, that's been going around.

COOPER: Yeah, I heard that.

GRIFFIN: However, Suzanne Somers wants me to be more vulgar. And I realized my mom has no money and Suzanne Somers has a billion dollars. So I'm going with vulgar.

So apparently is CNN. But I digress:

COOPER: Suzanne Somers late of the thigh master. And probably currently of the thigh master.

GRIFFIN: Could buy and sell you ten times over. Absolutely.

COOPER: I'm sure she can. My mom called after the broadcast.

GRIFFIN: Is she still talking to me?

COOPER: Yes, she is.

GRIFFIN: Goodness.

COOPER: Yes, as always. The strangest relationship. The weirdest moment for me, and I know there were a bunch, there were a couple. But the weirdest moment was Psy, the South Korean singer.

Really? Psy dropping by was weirder than Griffin kissing his crotch on national television? Really?

GRIFFIN: I spent all day with him today. We were boa shopping.

COOPER: He was on I guess Ryan Seacrest's program or one of those other programs.

GRIFFIN: Please don't say that. Just don't say that name.

COOPER: Sorry.

GRIFFIN: It's a trigger for me and I could break something.

COOPER: It's a trigger.

GRIFFIN: Talk about a fiscal cliff.


GRIFFIN: I'm going to throw Ryan Seacrest over that cliff. Neither side can win.

COOPER: So Psy -- what?

GRIFFIN: First of all, the Psy PR team are geniuses. Because truly, one minute he was singing...

COOPER: And then the next, he...

GRIFFIN: The song.

COOPER: He sang the song "Gangnam Style."

GRIFFIN: Right. And what's his second hit?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Okay, so then he was...

COOPER: And then he wanders on with MC Hammer who you and I have no idea, don't recognize at all because I didn't know they had teamed up. Anyway, take a look at what happened.


GRIFFIN: Hi, how are you?

COOPER: Hi, how's it going? Nice to see you. Hi, hello.

GRIFFIN: Hi. Turn around. Say hi to the camera.

COOPER: I almost wore this. I was this close to wearing this.

GRIFFIN: This is not awkward at all.

COOPER: No, it's not awkward at all.

Apparently not as awkward as getting your crotch kissed on national television.

Says a lot, doesn't it?

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.