Letterman Drops F-Bomb On Tom Cruise

Normally it's guests of late night talk shows that utter vulgarities because the hosts know better.

Such wasn't the case Monday when the Late Show's David Letterman dropped an f-bomb on guest Tom Cruise (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Well into the program, Letterman was chatting with Cruise about having the birds and the bees discussion with their respective sons.

“We had a conversation about dirty words,” Letterman said. “I said, ‘Harry, do you know dirty words?’ And he says, ‘Well, I know the s-word,’ and he says, ‘I know the b-word, and I know the f-word.’”

“And so you hang on, and you say, ‘Okay, what is the s-word?’” continued Letterman. “And he said, ‘Stupid.’ And I said, ‘And what about the b-word,’ and he said, ‘Bad.’ And I said, ‘And the f-word?’ And he said f—k [bleeped].’ Good night, everybody. Good night, everybody.”

Stay classy, Dave!

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