Bill Maher Tells Sean Hannity To Commit Suicide

UPDATE AT END OF POST: Hannity responds.

Bill Maher on Friday told Fox News’s Sean Hannity to commit suicide.

This occurred on HBO’s Real Time as the host discussed the Florida man who allegedly killed himself last week as a result of Barack Obama’s re-election (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: I want to ask this question. I mentioned this before to David Axelrod. Do you think Republicans are bad losers? I don't remember ever Democrats acting this way after an election. I mean, there is this guy who committed suicide. He literally wrote "F--k Obama" on his will. He owned a tanning salon in Florida. His name is Henry Hamilton and he took an overdose of Xanax. By the way, if you're watching Sean Hannity, that's Xanax – X A N A X.

Amazing, isn't it?

What must HBO think of one of its on air personalities encouraging another human being to commit suicide?

In reality, that's a stupid question as they clearly didn't mind when in 2007 Maher expressed regret that the attempted assassination of then Vice President Dick Cheney wasn't successful.

He's a real tolerant man, isn't he?

*****Update: One of our commenters has claimed that Hannity recently misspelled Xanax "Z A N A X," and that this is what Maher was joking about. A Google search has found nothing on this.

*****Update II: I contacted Hannity by email for a response. After informing me that he didn't know what the commenter was talking about concerning a misspelled tweet, he wrote the following for me to share:

Bill is a Hugh Hefner wannabe, an atheist, pothead, who calls our military tactics cowardly after 9-11, but says terrorists are brave. He calls conservative women bitches, the C-word, makes fun of politicians' kids, and wants me to commit suicide.

Then he kisses Obama's ass with 1 million dollars.

He is just not relevant or funny, but clearly he desperately wants attention.

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