Kirsten Powers: Obama's Gay Marriage Flipflop 'Less Evolution and More Intelligent Design'

Liberal columnist Kirsten Powers on Saturday made an observation about Barack Obama's same-sex marriage flipflop that few media members would dare.

During a Fox News Watch discussion about how differently the press handle the President's changes of heart versus Mitt Romney's, Powers observed, "This is less evolution and more intelligent design" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JON SCOTT, HOST: Why is it not a flipflop?

KIRSTEN POWERS, DAILY BEAST AND USA TODAY COLUMNIST: Well it is a flipflop. Of course it is, and I think that they treat it when Romney changes his opinion on abortion, for example, which I think he would say is evolving, they call it a flipflop and see it as this craven move. And when Obama switches his position twice, which really hardly anybody, if anyone even referred to the fact that he used to support it in 1996, and pretty, in a very craven way switched his position. And you know, somebody said this is less evolution and more intelligent design. And he really, you know...


POWERS: …this is not just some accidental thing that happened.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were more liberal media members like Powers willing to call out the hypocrisy on their own side?

Or would that be too much like journalism for such folks?

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