Julia Louis-Dreyfus - AKA Seinfeld's Elaine - Drops F-Bombs On CNN

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - aka the actress best known as Elaine on the smash hit "Seinfeld" - dropped two f-bombs on CNN Friday night.

Rather ironically, the second one came as she described to host Piers Morgan what kind of America she wanted for her kids (video follows with transcript and commentary, extreme vulgarity warning):

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the vice president on HBO's "Veep." She's back with me now. It's very funny, this. I was watching it earlier today. There's another scene later on when you're the vice president and you get told the president's having heart murmurs, and you can barely contain your glee, because you're thinking I've it. Then you realize how awful this looks.

It's dark but funny.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS: Thank you very much.

MORGAN: It's a nonpartisan show, in the sense that you never declare your political allegiances.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: That's right. We never identify the party that she is in. You never see the president, as a matter of fact. The show is -- it's -- the way that the politics and White House and Capitol have been portrayed I think in the past, very well, is either sort of very nobly, like "The West Wing," which was a wonderful show, of course, or sinister.

And this is between the two. It's a show about political behavior. And it's just sort of to -- our show shows sort of the raw grittiness of life in politics.

MORGAN: Do you like the freedom that HBO gives you? Because you're able to use profanity. There's some racy sex scenes.


MORGAN: It's pretty full on, isn't it.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: It's f--king fantastic.


MORGAN: You can't say that on CNN.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: Don't you have a bleeper here?

MORGAN: Yes, we're going to have to now. That whole dream dies. I always had you down as this vestal virgin figure.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: Oh, please. You don't know who you're talking to. You have no idea.[...]

Apparently not.

In a later segment - ironically as she was telling Morgan about what kind of America she wants for her ten and five-year-old children - Louis-Dreyfus once again had difficulty governing her tongue:

MORGAN: But what do you think is the problem? What is the solution for America?

LOUIS-DREYFUS: I have no idea.

MORGAN: Yes, you do.


MORGAN: You must have thought about this. What about for your kids? What America do you want for them? How are we going to get there?

LOUIS-DREYFUS: For my children, I want my children to be active. I want them to be -- you know, this -- I want them to vote. I want them to be active. I want them to give back. I want them to be kind and compassionate. What else?

MORGAN: That's good.


MORGAN: Are enough Americans pursuing that line of ambition, do you think? Good old fashioned American values?

LOUIS-DREYFUS: How about the whole world? How about the idea of compassion and kindness across the board. This is why I'm not running for office.

MORGAN: I love this.


MORGAN: Yes, it's why you should be running for office.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: All right, I'm going to run. I'm announcing my run for --

MORGAN: This is fantastic.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: It's happening now. Spur of the moment and I'm running for office. What office do you think I should run for?

MORGAN: I would go on the anti-transvaginal probe ticket. And on that bombshell, let's have a break.

LOUIS-DREYFUS: Oh f--k me. Oh no, good luck getting all that.

Let's hope Louis-Dreyfus's young children weren't watching their mother use such vulgarity on a news channel.

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