SC State Senator Slams Martin Bashir: Rick Perry’s Got a Better Understanding of the World Than Maybe You

A South Carolina State Senator on Tuesday put MSNBC’s Martin Bashir in his rightful place.

As the host attacked Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s lack of knowledge about world events, Sen. Larry Grooms (R-S.C.) marvelously replied, “I think he’s got a better understanding than maybe you” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

As the segment began, Bashir listed various reasons for Perry’s fall in the polls. He then introduced Grooms as a former Perry supporter that is now backing Rick Santorum.

After a brief discussion about Voter ID laws – which Grooms supports and Bashir obviously doesn’t – the Senator voiced his respect for Perry.

This didn’t sit well with Bashir who responded, “And yet, sir, you have now publicly switched allegiances away from Mr. Perry to Rick Santorum. Is this because you finally came to the conclusion of many that Rick Perry lacks an even rudimentary understanding of the world?”

Grooms replied, “Well, I think Rick Perry’s got a pretty good understanding of the world.”

Bashir then rudely interrupted his guest mid-sentence saying, “You do? You think he’s got a good understanding of the Haqqani network in Afghanistan? He has a good understanding of Turkey as being an important member of NATO? You think he has a good understanding of Pakistan?”

Without skipping a beat, Grooms responded, “I think he’s got a better understanding than maybe you.”

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