Matthews Accuses GOP Strategist on MSNBC Primary Coverage Panel of Being a Romney Surrogate

Chris Matthews on Tuesday accused a Republican strategist participating in MSNBC's New Hampshire primary coverage of being a Mitt Romney surrogate.

Even more surprisingly, colleague Rachel Maddow quickly realized the absurdity of the accusation saying, "He's no surrogate" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

As the primary coverage ensued, Matthews asked former John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt - present on the panel as the lone conservative - why Romney hasn't released his tax records.

Schmidt responded, "Well, you should ask the campaign why he won't."

Matthews shot back, "I'm asking its surrogate, you."

"Chris, I'm not a Romney surrogate," replied Schmidt.

Maddow quickly came to his defense saying, "He's no surrogate."

But Matthews was undeterred claiming, "Oh, come on. You like him. You want him to be president. Come on."

Truly ironic words coming from a man who almost four years ago after primary elections in numerous states talked about how Barack Obama gave him a thrill up his leg while shortly after the 2008 elections said it was his job to make Obama's presidency a success.

To now accuse a Republican strategist who's part of his network's primary coverage of being a surrogate for one of the candidates was the height of hypocrisy that even Maddow recognized.

Nice job, Chris!

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