One Boy USO: Amazing Eight-Year-Old Welcomes Home Troops at Airport Twice a Month

Cody Jackson is one amazing eight-year-old.

Nicknamed the "One Boy USO," this wonderful Georgian goes to the Atlanta airport twice a month to personally welcome home our returning troops (video follows with transcript):


CODY JACKSON: Thank you for protecting us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're very welcome.

CODY'S FATHER: It is really wonderful what he's doing. His grandfather was in the military, and he has already been in the military offices, recruiting offices asking when he can sign up.

JACKSON: Thank you for protecting us.


JACKSON: I asked my mom how come it's so hard to get on an airplane? I mean, because she told me about 9/11.

CODY'S FATHER: He got so upset and wanted to thank these people for putting their life on the line for him. So, he comes to the airport, and now, he meets the soldiers. He thanks them for protecting them, hands them a little piece of candy, and salutes them, and wishes them well.

As Cody has met a lot of these soldiers, all of them have become touched by what he's doing at such an early age. And some of them have been taking pins and coins out of their pockets, and giving it to him. He doesn't want to take any of it, but a lot of them are so touched by what he's doing, they're giving up some of their awards and medals to him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You hang onto that.

CODY'S FATHER: I think it means a great deal to the servicemen and women when he goes up to them and thanks them. We see, you know, this big, strong man or woman come through, and they look like this, not somebody you want to approach, and then, Cody goes up to them, starts to talk to them. And you see them just light up. Even big, grown men wiping tears from their eyes. It's very touching.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't know the word to describe it, honestly. I mean, to see a little kid like this, to come here, do what he`s doing, thinking of us. You know, you see a lot of people that don't. Somebody that small, really tugs at your heart a lot and makes everything that we're doing worth it.

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