Bill Maher: 'Jon Huntsman Can Suck My C--k!'

Bill Maher spent the bulk of his final program of the season Friday disgracefully attacking any Republican he could think of.

Early in the panel segment of HBO's Real Time, the host went into a tirade about the former governor of Utah saying, "Jon Huntsman can suck my c--k" (video follows with transcript and commentary, strong vulgarity warning):

BILL MAHER, HOST: I don’t know what Mitch Daniels, I didn't follow him, but I know Jon Huntsman who’s talked about, wait a second. He’s always talking “He’s the adult. He's the smart one.” Go to his website. He wants to cut taxes. We have too much regulation. He's getting out of the same clown car as the rest of them. Jon Huntsman can suck my cock. Anyway…

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: [Laughs] Excuse me.

ANDREW SULLIVAN, THE DAILY BEAST: He wants tax reform. He wants --

MAHER: He’s for the same bulls—t as anybody else.

SULLIVAN: No, no, no, he wants tax reform.

MATTHEWS: They would be for him if it’s the same bulls--t.

MAHER: Excuse me, they live in this…

MATTHEWS: They don't like him.

MAHER: Right.

MATTHEWS: He must be right.

MAHER: Well, you know what, he’s right about, some things he’s a little more reasonable.

MATTHEWS: Evolution he sort of grew up on, alright?

MAHER: Right. Is that where the bar is?

MATTHEWS: Climate change. Calm me crazy.

MAHER: Excuse me, he's in the same bubble. They live in this bubble. These debates, the squabbling which bothers most…

SULLIVAN: This guy worked for Obama.

MAHER: What?

SULLIVAN: Okay, he worked for Obama.


SULLIVAN: As his ambassador to China.

MAHER: Oh, so what.

SULLIVAN: You think that's the same bubble as the rest of them?

MAHER: Well, if he says that we are taxed too heavily and that we have too much regulation. I mean our big problem is the economy. If he is on the same page as the others on the big issue, then he's no better. He's up with eight people, he’s getting one percent of the vote. Why not say, “You know what, f--k it, maybe I'll get five percent if I go against the grain and appeal to people who actually think?”

SULLIVAN: I, I agree. He should have had more balls.

MATTHEWS: He went against the grain on climate change. He said call me crazy on that one, and that's religion now with those guys. Look how quick Newt, Mitt Romney flipped on that one last week.

SULLIVAN: Also gays. He supported civil unions as governor of Utah.

MATTHEWS: I think you’re wrong on this one, Bill.


Notice how it seemed Maher didn't know that Huntsman was Obama's ambassador to China?

As we have chronicled at NewsBusters for years, Maher often has absolutely no clue concerning what he's talking about.

Is it possible he didn't know Huntsman was part of the Obama administration?

More importantly, does Maher know anything about the GOP candidate most mainstream media members adore given his liberal positions on a number of key issues, or does Maher at this point hold Republicans in so low esteem that he hates anyone with an "R" next to his name regardless of his views? 

And imagine being corrected about a Republican on your own show by Chris Matthews, one of the most liberal hosts on television. That speaks volumes about just how biased Maher is at this point when it comes to conservatives.

Maybe he should take more than two months off and do some studying so that he'll appear more knowledgeable when he returns to the airwaves in January.

Just saying.

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