Michael Moore Ignores Questions About His Wealth At Occupy Portland Event

Although he sort of admitted last Thursday that he's part of America's richest one percent, schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore clearly wants to hide this inconvenient truth whenever possible.

This was perfectly illustrated Monday when he refused to answer questions about his wealth at an Occupy Portland rally (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

An Occupy Portland participant asked Moore if the richest 400 people in the country could "give back" $1 million each. The hypocritical flimmaker repeated the question saying it was a good idea.

A reporter for the Oregon based website Daylight Disinfectant shouted out, "How about a million of your 50 million?"

Moore ignored this and instead continued speaking to the crowd.

After Moore finished his speech, the reporter and his cameraman followed the schlockumentarian asking versions of the same question.

"Aren't you part of the one percent?"

When Moore still ignored him, the reporter said, "$50 million Michael Moore. Here he comes."

Despite this, crowd members could be heard shouting, "Michael, we love you."

The reporter then asked, "Hey Michael, you flying the corporate jet back? Huh, your own private jet?"

At that point, the crowd turned on the reporter shouting, "Who's paying you?"

According to the notes posted at DD's YouTube page:

At the end the videographer [sic] assaulted (specifically pushed and shoved) by participants in OccupyPDX. At the end of the piece you can hear the DD reporter say to the head of Occupy PDX media: "You are blocking my shot bro," [sic] The Media representative retorts: "Yeah I know." So he is deliberately interfering. The DD Reporter also gets shoved in the stomach about this time. So much for free speech.



Maybe more importantly, so much for critical thinking as these folks in the movement continue to revere a man who based on his wealth should be their enemy.

Not a very intelligent group of people, is it?

(H/T Breitbart TV)

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