Scarborough's Impeccable Math: Half of One Sixth Is One Third

The next time Joe Scarborough mocks the intellectual capacity of a Republican presidential candidate, he should recall the truly atrocious arithmetic skills he demonstrated on national television October 26, 2011.

Discussing an anti-poverty program with guest Christie Hefner, the co-host of Morning Joe actually said half of one sixth is one third (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You want to help be a part of a process that cuts poverty in half in America. Right now one in six of Americans are in poverty. You want to make that one in three.

Surely Hefner isn't working towards doubling poverty, for two times 1/6 equals 1/3. Half of 2/3 equals 1/3

The magic number strangely eluding Scarborough Wednesday morning was 1/12.

I just hope he remembers this the next time he's ridiculing a Republican presidential candidate for making an honest mistake.

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