Goldberg: If They Slobber Over Obama in '12 Like They Did in '08 'Media and the President Would Have to Get a Room'

Is it possible for the press to gush and fawn over Barack Obama during this upcoming presidential campaign as much as they did in 2008?

Political analyst Bernie Goldberg, appearing on Fox News's O'Reilly Factor Monday, didn't think so claiming instead, "If they slobber all over him as much this time as they did last time, the media and the President would have to get a room" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BERNIE GOLDBERG: The media can’t possibly be as enthusiastic this time around as they were last time around. I think that’s a physical impossibility. I mean, if they slobber all over him as much this time as they did last time, the media and the President would have to get a room. But if the question is will they be as enthusiastic, or not as but enthusiastic again, I think the answer is “Yes.”

Look, four years ago they picked up their pompoms the media did and put on their short skirts and they went and cheered him because Barack Obama was not Al Gore or John Kerry or Michael Dukakis or one of those guys. He was a historic figure, and they fell madly in love with him, Bill. And it isn’t easy once you fall madly in love with somebody to just a few years later fall out of love with that person.

Look, the best indicator of how somebody’s going to act in the future is how they’ve acted in the past, and I think based on that, the media once Obama is facing a real opponent will do what they’ve done in the past and they will be enthusiastic for him again.


I quite agree with Goldberg: it's impossible for them to collectively gush and fawn for this man as much as they did in 2008. Nobody can stay that smitten for that long.

The reality is there’s been some uncharacteristically impartial reporting this year concerning Obama given the state of the economy and his low poll numbers. This has caused conservatives to cheer and liberals to cry foul.

However, this will be tremendously short-lived.

Once we get into the primary season, we’ll see very few negative reports about the President, and all economic data no matter how bad will be presented in the most positive light possible.

As Goldberg said, they’re still very much in love, and are going to do everything within their power to give him four more years whether it’s in the country’s best interest or not.

It's just not going to be with the same swoon content as last time.

At least, let's hope not.

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