Anti-Semitic Occupy LA Protester Fired By School District, Media Mostly Mum

An anti-Semitic Occupy LA protester reported by NewsBusters Sunday has been fired by the Los Angeles Unified School District due to her remarks.

KTLA-TV logged the following report Tuesday (extremely offensive video follows with commentary):

Notice how Patricia McAllister not only doubled down on her anti-Semitism, but also the representative from Occupy LA chose not to disavow her comments.

Quite the contrary, according to the Occupy LA representative interviewed, it was McAllister's first amendment right to say such things. "No, it doesn't erode our credibility, not one bit."

Keep in mind the LAUSD did disavow its former employee's comments in a statement released Tuesday:

Her comments, made during non-work time at a recent protest rally, were her private opinions and were not made in the context of District services. At LAUSD, we recognize that the law is very protective of the freedom of speech rights of public employees when they are speaking as private citizens during non-working time.

I further emphasize to our students, who watch us and look to us for guidance, to be role models and to represent the ideals by which LAUSD lives, that we will never stand for behavior that is disrespectful, intolerant or discriminatory.

Now imagine for a moment McAllister was a white Tea Partier that got fired for making these comments, and a representative of the Tea Party chose not to disavow them.

The press would be all over this, wouldn't they?

McAllister probably would have been interviewed by all the major television news outlets and print organizations making her the poster child of the Tea Party.

Newsweek and Time magazines would probably have her on the cover of their next issues with expansive articles addressing racism and anti-Semitism in the movement.

But when such a person supports protests the media back?

Not so much.

From what I have found, the first report of McAllister's firing was made by the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday afternoon. Since then, apart from Los Angeles news outlets, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Huffington Post, and the Associated Press state and local wire, there has been no major media reporting of McAllister's termination.

Absolutely nothing.

How totally predictable.

(H/T NBer Gary Hall)

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.