Eleanor Clift: President Sent ObamaCare to Supreme Court Because He's Afraid He Won't Get Reelected

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift made a rather shocking prediction on this weekend's "McLaughlin Group."

"Obama’s justice department took the, asked for healthcare ruling from the Supreme Court because they’re nervous that they’re not going to be in office a year and a half from now" (video follows with commentary):

Makes you wonder what her thinking is here.

Does the Obama-loving Clift think the Supreme Court would be less likely to overturn ObamaCare while its creator was still in office, or does she believe a ruling regardless of the decision would improve the President's reelection chances?

Maybe Clift saw syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Fox News's "Special Report" Friday saying that this is a win-win for Obama whichever way the Court rules:

If it is upheld, then it will give something of a boost in public opinion because it will be seen as legitimate. It will help its legitimacy and slightly and at least marginally increase the popularity. If it's struck down, it removes an albatross around Obama's neck. It will be a moot issue.

Is this Clift's thinking?

As her last column was "Obama's Good News on Health Insurance," maybe she'll explain her prediction in the next one.

Stay tuned.

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