Bill Maher Uses Texas HPV Vaccine Issue to Call Michele Bachmann Mentally Retarded

Bill Maher returned to HBO Friday regaling viewers with nonstop attacks on conservatives.

Showing some uncharacteristic restraint, it only took eight minutes before he went after Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann using Texas's HPV vaccine issue to call the Minnesota Congresswoman mentally retarded (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: And Michele Bachmann is not backing down on this issue. You know, Rick Perry stole her thunder so she's mad at him. So she said that after the debate where this came up, she had a discussion with a woman who came to her after the debate and said that her daughter had taken the vaccine and become from the vaccine mentally retarded. And Michele Bachmann said, “Mom?”


Is there no floor below which Maher won't go to attack conservative women?

Mentally retarded jokes?

He's 55 for goodness sake. This is the kind of stuff I'd expect from kindergartners.

Didn't one of the kids in the hit film "Kindergarten Cop" say something like this, albeit with a better delivery?

Nice job, Bill. You really do your profession proud.

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