Alan Colmes and Cal Thomas Spar Over Media's Love For Obama

Alan Colmes and Cal Thomas had a humorous exchange about the media's love for Obama on Saturday's "Fox News Watch."

After Thomas asked when the press will come to their senses and admit they were wrong about the messiah-like powers of the former junior Senator from Illinois, Colmes replied, "You keep presuming the media is supporting this guy and they're not" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CAL THOMAS: You know what the press is really reluctant to do, and I think they're going to have to do it at some point? We’ve said on this show before they were cheerleaders leading up to 2008 election. This was the guy who was going to part the waters. He was going to smooth out the crooked places, do all of these things, cure tooth decay, falling hair, everything else, and now they’re realizing he's mortal just like every other president. When are they coming to their senses and say, “You know, we were wrong about this guy?”

ALAN COLMES: You keep presuming the media is supporting this guy and they're not.

THOMAS: Well, they certainly did in 2008.

COLMES: They’re not.

THOMAS: Well, then they were wrong.

COLMES: You know what, whenever some liberal gets elected, and he's not even that liberal…

THOMAS: [Laughs]

COLMES: …it’s the media that did it. Whenever a conservative does, it’s the people have spoken.

So Colmes doesn't only believe the media haven't been supporting Obama, he also thinks the current White House resident isn't that liberal.

Do you need to know anything more about the value of his opinions?

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